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Equity for our children.

As educators, parents and people who just want to ensure that our children have a better future, we want to make sure that the playing field is a level one. While not always intentional, there are biases and inequities that exist in our behavior and our institutions that prevent some children from accessing the same opportunities as others. Sometimes these biases and inequities may not be immediately visible, or worse, they may be embedded deep within an organization’s processes and procedures. Either way, those in leadership roles are often unsure of how to overcome them. 

In a perfect world, every child would have access to their individual needs and wants. As you’re probably well aware, we’re not there yet. But as educators, parents and organizations that help children, it’s our job to help move our world from the one we have into the one we want it to be for our kids. 

That’s where I come in. I’m Kristy Leader and I founded Education for Progress to offer practical steps to promote equity for all children. Through education, training, coaching and family advocacy, I work with schools, organizations and families to implement anti-bias practices and better support children of various abilities/disabilities, races, genders, religions, sexual orientation, and more.

Work with Me.

You’re here on this page for one of two reasons: Either you’re a parent/caregiver looking to advocate for your child, OR you’re part of a school or organization that recognizes bias within your group and you’re looking for training to help correct that. I can help with both.